The strength of our investment funds is the response of a structure designed to optimize each process and empower our teams.


The fund offers an investment alternative in invoice discounting transactions, sourced from a well diversified pool of corporate clients from different industries.

The main objective of the Fund to invest in instruments, contracts and assets in order to obtain exposure to one or more debt contracts that the Fund grants to Inmobilia S.A., including real estate guarantees.

This Fund seeks to invest in 3 projects in Florida, United States, under the multifamily model. The Fund will participate directly in companies dedicated to the development, administration and sale of project assets.

The main objective of the Fund is invest in one or more financing that the Fund grants to Inmobiliaria Parque Los Alerces SpA, Inmobiliaria Parque Los Alerces II SpA, Centro Urbano La Dehesa SpA, including real estate guarantees.

The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to invest directly or indirectly in multifamily real estate projects in the United States of America managed by one or more subsidiaries of Providence Equity Partners LLC and other managers.

The Fund's Main Objective will be to invest its resources, directly or indirectly, in shares, bonds, commercial paper, promissory notes or other debt securities whose issuance has not been registered with the Financial Market Commission (hereinafter, the "Commission "), all of which will not be publicly offered securities, issued by one or more companies, whose main line of business is the investment of their resources, directly or indirectly, in all kinds of assets or real estate financing.

The Fund's main objective is to invest in securities, instruments and/or contracts of one or more companies whose main purpose is the development or construction of real estate, as well as to operate and obtain income under lease contracts, from real estate projects. for residential or residential, commercial, office and/or mixed purposes. For the purposes of the foregoing, the aforementioned companies may enter into purchase and sale promise contracts for all or part of the units that make up each real estate project.

Learn about the essential characteristics of investment in Investment Funds, which are contained in their respective Internal Regulations. The profitability or profit obtained in the past for each Fund does not guarantee that it will be repeated in the future. The Quota Values of the Investment Funds are variable.